Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Me + Him = Us

Here is that bio I promised yesterday. I’m ready to give you all the details about us…. the good and bad.

(Me): Jessica Elaine – 23 – Credit Coordinator & Student

(Him): Jeffrey Michael -28- Business Owner

(How Me and Him Became Us): My fiancé and I met almost five years ago (July 2005) through a mutual friend that I worked with, and his best friend was dating. We were both incredibly into each other; we started dating immediately and then fell in love real fast.

(Why We Work): We really needed each other, our relationship could not of formed at a better time. I was leaving for my first year of college, and he was really focusing where he was heading in life. At the time both of our emotions were running in the same direction, my parents were going through a divorce, and Jeff was grieving over the loss of his only nephew, who passed as baby. But these were the things that test a relationship, and even with a few bumps in the road early on we passed the test.

(Why We Continue to Work): We are best friends, soul mates, and all that other sappy stuff. The one thing I know is that I want him by my side.

(How He Proposed): I was 20, it was my birthday, for some reason I knew it was coming. I came downstairs, roses everywhere, he handed me a card, inside there was a letter, I read the letter, he got on one knee, he had no ring, he asked, I said yes, he said “you hate everything I pick out for you, so I want you to pick out the ring.” We laughed, got in the car, drove to the jeweler, he bought a ring, I now where it on my finger.

(The Wedding Plan): We originally were going to wait a year and a half. Then we decided to wait till I finish school, but I obtained new goals for pursuing my degree. So now three years later were getting married.
The Big Day: 10.23.10

(The Wedding Details): you will find those out soon.

-Yellow Peonies &  A Wild Poppy-

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